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Uhren Collection
INSIGNUM one of the shooting stars in the watch scene during the
last decade, does not offer high quality luxury watches only, but also
"all about watches" as well as distinctive jewellery and new in 2012
exclusive sportive eyewear and sunglasses.

Starting with the idea, the design, and the choice of the components
up to final production,luxury products with striking characteristics are
created. While during the last years all models of INSIGNUM had
limited to 499 pieces worldwide only, (therefore often also
had been sold out fast) two different product lines are produced since 2011.

"PREMIUM INSIGNUM" line, with no limitation in quantity, following
especially the demands of the brands international buyers, which
often had been unable to purchase the rare timepieces due to the
limitation in the past. The "RESERVE INSIGNUM" line remains as
LIMITED EDITIONS (numbers of produced pieces depending on
model). All INSIGNUM timepieces still have one in common -
high grade quality, offering outstanding, unique, sportive design
they are just a YOUR PERSONAL WATCHES!

All our Watches are manufactured internationally, like most
international brands, using components from different countries
as movements from SWISS or Japan etc. However, all final quality
checks are done in house in our central stock. Only carefully
controlled and checked products, certificate provided,
reach into the worldwide sales.

Enloy your new INSIGNUM !